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Growing Interests in a Growing Consciousness

It Starts Here.  Thought forms ideas, ideas give birth to words and images.  In turn those words and images create lush, fertile ground upon which to plant new thoughts and ideas.

Late on the evening of March 29th 2011 I decided that an attempt at a blog was something I needed to take a shot in the dark at.  I’m a notorious lay about, always filling my head with knowledge, but never really sharing or documenting the knowledge that I tap into.  Fingers crossed that I can keep up the Blog as my mynd tends to ebb and flow with the phases of the moon.  My mother challenged me to give myself over to something 100% and I’ve been attempting to to take her up on that challenge.


Navigating the Maze

Make sure to use the Menu and Sidebar for navigation. The menu is broken up into major sections and the drop-down menus are links to the broad categories. Each header on the menu bar links to a page that gives a general break down of what can be found within. The categories hold all the posts.

On the Sidebar there are several ways to guide yourself around. The Newest Rants section takes you to the newest of my rambles. You can also use the Categorically Speaking drop-down  to search by Categories.

Please feel free to leave feedback via the comments and if you like what you read let me know by liking the posts that you find engaging and interesting.

Delve into this mind in these Twisted Times


About The Brains

The Bones that Stroll herein intend to explore paths of darkness and light on a cosmic road to paradise.

As Kaptain/Kernel of Cosmic Defense Force Sexy it is my duty to protect all things pertaining to the Cosmic Wayfarer or Gypsy.  In previous parlance these folk have been known as seekers, mystics and troubadours, and the tenants and strictures of CDFS prohibit me from turning a blind eye to the injustices so often heaped upon people of these predispositions.

I am an exceptionally tall individual, a fact that is nearly impossible to escape from.  Public places are at times uncomfortable as the focus always seems to be partially on me.  As an “outsider” or “freak”– names often attributed to me– I find that my duty to others who possess qualities that have them on the “wrong” side of normalcy is to help them escape from the trappings of our “wonderful” cookie cutter world. The aforementioned wrong side or normalcy is in fact the right side according to my perspective

Pants elude me, I’ve had less than 10 pairs of pants in the last decade, and of those 10, none truly fit me.

I love listening to, playing and writing music; as well as roleplaying, writing, and gathering information.  I’m constantly seeking for that next tidbit or morsel willing to throw my mind into overdrive.  Warhammer and Magic the Gathering (Fantasy in general) have always been of keen interest to me, and some say that my adoration boarders on addiction.  These phases come and go much like the rise and fall of the tides.  Which leads me to this confession …………… I’m a Pisces.  This is my excuse for my many confusions and problems with everyday life in this current particular paradigm.

I hate ignorance, belligerence, and bullying, which are all signs of weakness in my humble opinion.  I abhor intellectual violence and any individual or institution that claims to “know” the “truth”.  Education is a right not a privilege.  Class is wrong.

The goal of this Blog maintains its right to exist like an onion, that is to say it will contain several layers.  I plan to delve into many subjects that interest me and maintain my over-driven desire, nay lust, for knowledge.  It is also intended as a tool with which to practice my writing skills.  As time caresses me with its decaying tendrils I desire to hold onto my knowledge and skills.


Lester Crow

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