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Letter to the Apocalypse!!

Letter to the Apocalypse!! By.  Lester Crow It has become relevant at this time to address the state of our being.  We are the destroyer, a mournfully obvious cancer on this sphere which dances through the void.  On and on … Continue reading

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WHFRP 3e Intro

Recently my RPG interests have been consumed by Fantasy Flight Games’ re-imagining of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.  The setting which has become known as Warhammer Fantasy has always been one of my favorite “Worlds” in which to Roleplay due to its … Continue reading

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…..For the Time Draws Near

…..For the Time Draws Near by: Lester Crow Jet black clouds clashed against the snow capped mountain peaks. Far below this battle of the elements a lone hunched figure trudged its way slowly along a winding trail that snaked its … Continue reading

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