Letter to the Apocalypse!!

Letter to the Apocalypse!!

By.  Lester Crow

It has become relevant at this time to address the state of our being.  We are the destroyer, a mournfully obvious cancer on this sphere which dances through the void.  On and on we continue in a pattern of existence that can only mean the demise of our species.  In short, we are on a fast track to Apocalypse.   In these eerie times of government control through  media manipulation, it seems that we, the people, must rise and form our own media.  Mass produced is more often than not lacking largely in anything resembling freedom of expression.  Neatly packaged and filled with sparse amounts of creativity, these creations make me bored with our race.  I say hang up your current attraction to the Tell-ie and to all this crap that massive music moguls deem worthy of financial support.   Get out on the street and experience what only action can deliver, Satisfaction. Support your local vendors and musicians and artists and writers, better yet do it yourself!  Dig inside yourself and make something, no matter how big or small, just MAKE IT!   We are here AND now and if we let time slide by then we become non-resistant victims to murder.   Cos we’re just killing time ’til time kills us, so put Up A figHT!!!
We here  by commit to undermine the establishment by making our own happening, our own society, our very own media! Creep it real on the streets of our painfully beautiful cities.  And don’t forget to forget the NoRmiEs.

Sign your own name here__________________________________

88’s L.C.

Insomuch as I find it hard to swallow the deluge of awfully drab garbage that is thrown at, WE, the people on an ever mounting scale, I must make it clear that they are winning.  The earth keeps spinning but I say it again, they Are winning.  We are content with being compartmentalized and much to reluctant to actually see our experience for what it is…. And it is both horrifying and beautiful.  Things can and do exist in opposite forms at the same time.  We just choose to be completely blind to the FACTS.

FACT #1:  As a human you are capable of a great many things, you can jump to the moon, for you have the capability of manifesting it through thought…. Imagination!

FACT #2:  The “scientific” community has been much to caught up in the material, and to little has gone into the investigation of that immaterial realm that seems to be the only really relevant area of study.  Material comes and goes, but thought, consciousness it seems to be, regardless of specific form.

FUCKED #3:  We have sold our souls, and the ability to truly reason to something or somebody who has been wise to the Facts since time immemorial…. Get a clue Mr. and Mrs. Normie but money only has the value that we give it…. it’s a slippery system that we’ve allowed to take over our experience of the here/now/then/and when?.

I long for a time when man and beast can live in the harmony that seems to have been intended. The web of sustaining without a false idea of ownership… for we are all just expressions of stardust, some infused with mew’s others moos and others yet words or ways.  I have a hard time believing that it is the nature of Man to claim OWNERSHIP over this rock, and then simultaneously claim ownership over their fellow man.  We need to wake up before we are cut down by Karma, our own hand or by the breaking of earths immeasurable patience!

Why is it that we cannot see these things, we have talked about it since what we can perceive as the beginning of speech, and documented our “nature” since the “founding of writing” and the evidence is all there, yet we still forget.  It seems a waste to me that we should have all these documents and this vast array of knowledge and yet a system that shuns somebody for thinking outside the box, or going against the grain.  Everybody on this planet is scared shitless of themselves and that seems to lead them to form groups.  And within these groups it seems that everybody has something on somebody and that is the only way the group can co-exist.   A  sad, sorry, state.  The state of mankind!


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