The State of our State

I am unsure in a world that blurs the lines of the real with those of not really.

Who was it that said some should have, while others fall by the wayside?  Who’er it was should feel the bite of shame for they are on the side of self and only together can we hope to make it out of this experience intact.

We are a species divided by the imaginary, pitted in a war against our brothers and for what?  A few pieces of shinny metal?  A pat on the back?  A false sense of worth in a world full of worthless ideals and goals.

We’ve fallen so far from what we, in essence, are and were ever meant to be.

Nationalism is a thing of the past and we cling to it like a hopeless man clings to a cliff face, knowing that the inevitable outcome will be a fall.

Open your hearts, minds, and souls and we may yet one day see a world void of Hate, Pain and Poverty.


About thestrollingbones

Liche like in appearance and Troubadour-esque in outlook. Cosmic Gypsy and aspect of Yggdrasil. Spacey Rambler, Thought~form Gambler, MetaMynd Scrambler
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