My Magical Shortcomings

I was reading an article on written by Sam Stoddard that pertained to being honest with oneself about the shortcomings they suffer from when it comes to games of Magic (This article could pertain to just about anything in life though. I highly suggest you read it) and it excited me to a point that I felt it necessary that I create my own Fearless Magical Inventory.

This list will ebb and flow as everything seems to in this crazy topsy turvy world, with items being added as I do deeper analysis of my “game” and character as they pertain to Magic.

Here Goes….

I, Lester Crow, hereby commit to detailing the nasty habits and sloppy shortcomings that harm my skills and my abilities to win games of Magic.

1) I am overcome by my emotions. I let them get the better of me and it leads to poor play and bad experience. I want to be an ambassador for Magic and by letting my emotions run rampant I sometimes ruin others experiences of the game.

2) I play too fast. Magic is a game of calculation and thought and by speed playing I tend to miss the best possible play.

3) I tend to be drawn like a moth to a flame by Johnny-centric cards. This short sightedness often causes me to miss subtle synergies in seemingly useless cards that are by far more economical than the flashy flavor driven cards that I love.

4) I often waste good permission and removal spells on targets that could be better dealt with in other ways.

5) I am not overly confident in my math skills and this causes no end of trouble due to Magic’s innate mathematical nature.

6) I scoop too early. This is a problem that is intrinsically linked with my first shortcoming.

7) I tend to build unfocused decks and have a hard time keeping the card count at 60 plus a 15 card sideboard.

8) My decks are often void of varied answers. I struggle when it comes to correctly adding Enchantment/Creature/Artifact removal

9) I don’t pay enough attention to my opponents. They could get away with lots of things due to my lack of focused attention

10) I shy away from real competition. I know that I can frequently win at my kitchen table, but I rarely attend sanctioned events. This is where the true learning opportunities will be. “Little is learned by winning, but mountains of knowledge are to be had by loosing”.

11) I tend to not evaluate all of the moves made in a game. Sometimes I don’t evaluate the game at all.

12) I don’t draft enough

13) I am a lone wolf and have no team to play with. 

14) I am scared of formats that entail purchasing expensive cards. I tend to want to play Limited or Standard constructed events instead of the more sweeping formats due to those formats massive reliance on expensive, hard to find cards.

15) I am loath to play net decks even though they are tried and tested winners. I’d rather lose with a deck that I created then win with a deck that 70% of other players are playing at the tournament because the best pros play them.

16) I am stubborn to a fault.

17) I play into my opponents traps.

18) I lack solid patients.

19) I don’t listen when somebody tries to tell me something useful, especially when that useful information is perceived by me to be hurtful. This again comes down to my lack of emotional control.

20) I lean towards only W/U/B as those are my comfort colors. I’ll play these colors even if the better cards are to be found in R/G.

21) I am very influenced by a Blocks themes. I fall out of love with magic when I don’t like the plane that the current block is located on. I hated the Mirrodin Besieged block and due to that missed cards like Whipflare and Gitaxian Probe.


That’s what I have so far but more games are to be had and more faults to be found.


¬ LC


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Liche like in appearance and Troubadour-esque in outlook. Cosmic Gypsy and aspect of Yggdrasil. Spacey Rambler, Thought~form Gambler, MetaMynd Scrambler
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