Magic Journal Entry #1

March 7th, 2012 (as time is measured on this plane called Earth)

Magic is somewhat of an enigma to me. I’ve been walking through the planes for more years than I dare count; and yet, I’ve never fully put my finger on it’s pulse. I’ve battled many creatures throughout my travels, discovered vast tracts of land, and uncovered many ancient and powerful secrets. However the reasoning behind it all is baffling to me.

Maybe I’m writing this journal as a legacy of sorts or perhaps just to pass the time; either way I’ve been pulled to the task as though something were guiding my hand. This disembodied “voice” that I sense is most likely deeply rooted in magical lore. I must continue my quest to find the answers I seek for I fear it is the only way I will learn the nature of my “spark”.

The days have been filled with nightmares and the nights with waking reality. I have been shifting through the planes faster than I ever have before. One moment I’m here, secreted away on the unassuming Earth plane; and then suddenly, in a blink, I’m dimensions away on a vast array of other planes.

Sometimes its Lorwyn or Shadowmoor.

Others Alara, or the now defiled Mirrodin.

I frequently find myself on the haunted plane of Innistrad a place I discovered not so long ago.  Something is pulling me there.

Something powerful.

I have had many encounters with a peculiar Mage who must posses the power to fold time-space, and reality, enabling her to “walk” the planes as I do. She is  curious to say the least and always seems to be one step ahead of me. Her focus lies mainly with summoning, the creatures she binds to her will are most often the ancient and wizened Treefolk or those damned Elves. She never seems to be without at least a vanguard of the pointy eared devils.

I wonder if she seeks to destroy me or if our paths are simply linked in the aether. I’ve read her mind before and it was a jumble of confused emotions.

Like mine.

I sense that she is in search of that which I seek.

The very heart of magic.

Her garb is also most outlandish. She wears a long white robe and a hood that is split down the middle. It almost seems to resemble the ears of a lagomorpha.

Quite peculiar indeed.

She is not the only one I’ve met on my quest for ancient secrets. In fact there have been many others. The most notable being a vampire called Sorin. He claims to be the Lord of Innistrad, and with powers like his I feel foolish doubting him. He has aided me from time to time when our paths have crossed and it is my hope that his mind holds information that will hurl me farther down the path I now tread. Edging me ever closer to my final goal.

Day breaks on Earth and I must now hide from its brilliantly shining Star.

Until the echo-less voice calls me back to these pages once again.


Lester Crow


About thestrollingbones

Liche like in appearance and Troubadour-esque in outlook. Cosmic Gypsy and aspect of Yggdrasil. Spacey Rambler, Thought~form Gambler, MetaMynd Scrambler
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