Magic Journal Entry #2

March 16th 2012 (as time is measured on Earth plane)

Another day has passed and the night hangs heavy in Earths sky. I can feel my spark pulling me back to Innistrad with a force I’ve seldom felt before. The battle that rages upon that plane is growing more fierce by the day.

The darkness is rising as creatures of the night overrun the human settlements of Gavony, Stensia, Nephalia and Kessig with a sadistic feroicity. Sorin has requested my help in saving his home plane contacting me through powers I am unfamiliar with. I plan to use all of my prowes to drive the beasts back into their hiding places, or harninsing their might to further my ultimate goal.

Its odd that a vampire would care so much for humans; however I have a feeling that Sorin is only looking to maintain some semblance of order between the forces of his world.

Tonight I will once again travel to the belegured plane of Innistad and attempt to harness its powers and learn its darkest secrets. If by doing so others fall to my sword or spells, so be it for my path is set and my hunger for victory grows deeper with each passing moment.



About thestrollingbones

Liche like in appearance and Troubadour-esque in outlook. Cosmic Gypsy and aspect of Yggdrasil. Spacey Rambler, Thought~form Gambler, MetaMynd Scrambler
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