Fantasy RolePlay Overview

I’ve been a Roleplayer for most of my life and have found countless joys in all the aspects that are married to it.  Roleplaying goes way beyond being just a game and falls more accurately into the realm of Hobby.  So many aspects of RPGs are left under the rug and unexplored by most people.  There are all the creative elements to be had, be that creating artwork, stories, characters, or mechanics.  Then there are the social aspects that come part and parcel with the Hobby as a whole.  I know some of you may be thinking “Roleplayers are Social, bah?!?” but in fact there are few activities that encourage safe social interaction more than being involved with Tabletop RPG’s.

To go into more depth I’ve recently decided to become a contributing member of Youtube’s burgeoning RPG community and would be hard pressed to recall being a part of a community that supported each other more fully– a link to my Youtube channel  follows–(  I’ve been very fortunate to have found like minded souls out there and have been having a blast discussing my current favorite RPG, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition, on the superb Reckless Dice Podcast (Reckless Dice | Home of the Reckless Dice Podcast).

Bringing me to the main point of this page which is to discuss all things roleplaying and especially WHFRP which will be referred to as Fantasy Roleplay from this point forward.  It is my goal to try my best to deliver all sorts of content pertaining to Warhammer’s setting and the mechanics of Fantasy Roleplay, as well as to discuss tabletop roleplaying in a more general sense.

I hope the forthcoming content will be evocative and interesting to both Roleplayers and Regular folk alike.


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