Musical Musings

Music has always held a special place in my perception of existence and has played a large role in shaping my views of the cosmos.  Few things in this world hold a candle to music as far as pure emotive string pulling is concerned.  A song as raw and powerful as Son Houses’ “Death Letter” manages to deliver a stinging feeling pulling at my heart strings, leading me on down a path of sadness and excitement.

In all of its infinite variety music manages to deliver the full spectrum of human experience.  Blues, Garage, and Country Rawk (á la Hank III and The Sadies) have been the raw forms of music that have really inspired me over the last decade or so of my life.  However that statement is by no means intended to diminish other quality forms of music such as Jazz, Classical, Heavy Metal (in all its forms), Punk, Experimental, Folk, and Classic R&B.

Music holds a power over our very “souls” and it is that Power that a part of me seeks to understand.  The Celestial Orbs are theorized to “sing” a cosmic song, the eternal lullaby, a song that can create and destroy.  As time grows ever older –if time is meant to be perceived in a linear fashion– several things remain constant.  Those things are change and the effect that music holds over the hearts and mynds of all mortal being.


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