Preferred Links

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay links ~

The interweb’s leading (in fact to my knowledge its the only) WHFRP 3e Podcast ~ Reckless Dice | Home of the Reckless Dice Podcast

The highest quality Warhammer Resources brought to you by Jesse “Gitzman” Burke ~ Gitzman’s Gallery

Home of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay’s only fan based content e-Zine ~                       Liber Fanatica Homepage

The Home Page for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay the 3rd edition ~                            Fantasy Flight Games [Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay]

Other RPG links ~

Online LoneWolf adventures thanks to Joe Denver ~ Project Aon: Main / Home (browse)

Robert J Freemantle and his curious Blog about gaming ~ Robert James Freemantle: Updates and News

Mark’s excellent Dice Monkey Blog ~  Dice Monkey | Not Your Usual Bag of Dice

more forthcoming…..

Great Research Sites ~

The webs best compendium of Religious and pseudo-Religious texts (check it out its 5/5) ~ Internet Sacred Text Archive Home

A wonderful Native American information resource site ~                                                    First Nations Information Connection

An online library of over 2000 texts ~                                                                                              Gutenburg online library

Magic the Gathering Resources and Links ~

MTG home page

The MTG official card database

MTG online Deck Builder

MTG Podcast Central

Music Links ~ a great site dedicated to podcasts about underground garage music ~ GaragePunk Podcast Network – The GaragePunk Hideout

Online Streaming Jukebox, fantastic source for streaming music ~                                             Grooveshark

Liam Gallagher, Andy Bell and Gem Archers new band following the split up of OASIS ~ Beady Eye : Official Website : Home

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

The interweb’s best music database ~                                                                               

Other Sweet Blogs~

Meta Rockwell’s sweet blog ~


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